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ЕГЭ-1207 — Ответы


Задание 2

Тексты для аудирования



Anne: Hello, Steve. How are you?

Steve: Hi, Anne. I’m well, thanks…and you?

Anne: Fine, thank you. Listen, have you been to the new downtown library yet? It’s absolutely amazing.

Steve: I haven’t been down there yet. Why is it so amazing?

Anne: Umm. It’s got shelves of books everywhere, cozy armchairs with lamps, new tables. There’s this awesome smell of books in the air, you know?

Steve: I see. But I’ve never really quite understood how some people say they will love the smell of books. I’m not much of a reader really, Anne, so I don’t go to libraries. I don’t read much.

Anne: Oh, Steve, really? I’ve always read a lot since I learned how to. In fact, I’d say reading is my favorite pastime, especially on rainy days or cold winter nights.

Steve: Are you one of those people who like to sit on a sofa on a rainy day with a cup of tea and a good book?

Anne: Yes, there is nothing I love better. How do you spend your time, Steve?

Steve: I don’t know. On rainy days, I usually play computer games online. My friends and I love network strategy games, like World of Warcraft.

Anne: I bet three, four hours go by really fast when you’re in the game

Steve: Umm…true. But in winter, I play hockey when I have time. Our hockey rink’s got lights and we play when it’s dark. Most of my friends play hockey too.

Anne: Are they the same friends you pay your online games with?

Steve: Yeah, they are, mostly.

Anne: I see. But don’t you think reading is an important part of learning? I think it’s important to read a lot to be able to speak better, write better, and even think better. Good books raise really good questions about life, don’t you think?

Steve: Maybe, but I find books that ask thought provoking questions are always so depressing. I don’t like to be depressed. I like to think that life is easy and fun. That’s why I enjoy playing games, rather than asking philosophical questions.

Anne: Hmm. Have you read any fantasy books? Have you read Harry Potter books, or The Lord of the Rings? Those are really fun, and there are still some deep thoughts in them.

Steve: I haven’t read those, Anne, but I’ve watched the films so I don’t think there’s any need to read the books now.

Anne: Oh, Steve! Films made from books are not nearly as exciting as books themselves. But, I’ll stop being a bookworm now and let you go play your computer games.

Steve: Thank you. I was starting to get afraid you’d lecture me on films versus books now.




A. Steve hasn’t been to the new library yet. – 1: True

B. Anne enjoys rainy days very much. – 3: Not stated

C. Steve believes reading is not as exciting as some other activities. – 1: True

D. Steve can play hockey even at night. – 1: True

E. Steve’s hockey friends don’t play online games. – 2: False

F. Steve likes serious questions about life. – 2: False

G. Anne thinks that films shouldn’t be based on books. – 3: Not stated




Соответствие диалогу 1 3 1 1 2 2




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