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ЕГЭ-1231 — Ответы


Задание 2

Тексты для аудирования



Peter: Hello, Jane. It’s so good you’re here. I’ve been looking for you.

Jane: Hi, Peter. What’s up?

Peter: Well, I wanted to ask you about your plans for the holidays. Have you decided what to do yet?

Jane: Actually, I haven’t.

Peter: Jane, if you want this summer to be truly unforgettable, you must go travel somewhere.

Jane: I guess so. The good thing is that I can afford it, as I have saved a good sum of money, plus my granny gave me a generous cheque for my birthday last week.

Peter: Well, I have enough money to travel too, so I thought we could plan a trip together. Certainly it would be more fun, and not so dangerous this way.

Jane: Oh, Peter, your offer is just on time, as my best friend has just told me she won’t be able to be my travel companion this summer.

Peter: So, we have to decide on where to go. I was thinking about something unusual. What would say if I suggested going to Russia for about two weeks.

Jane: Russia? I say, Peter, it’s not half a bad idea. I’ve always wanted to see Moscow, the capital of the country.

Peter: Yes, we could start it from there. Still, I believe there are many interesting places in Russia besides Moscow.

Jane: I think we can book a hotel in Moscow and see it from inside, and then make short trips to the nearby cities and towns, like Smolensk or Tula.

Peter: It sounds good to me. Still, we must keep it in mind that Russia is a huge country and two weeks is certainly not enough to see it all.

Jane: What we need is planning our trip carefully. I don’t think we know much about Russia, so we need to buy some guidebooks, or surf the net. Personally, I don’t want to hire a guide. I’d really love to explore the country on my own.

Peter: That sounds very tempting, but won’t it be difficult for us? We don’t know Russian.

Jane: Oh, come on Peter! Russia is a civilized country. Everybody there speaks at least some English, I’m sure.

Peter: Okay. I say, Jane, there may be some good guidebooks on Russia in our city library. We may look them through and make a rough itinerary of our future trip. Then, we could surf the net at home for more details.

Jane: Fine, then. We mustn’t forget about applying for a visa and booking plane tickets. That might take us some time too.

Peter: Okay! Let’s do it first thing tomorrow.

Jane: Settled.




A. Peter thinks travelling is the best option for summer holidays. — 1: True

B. Jane saved money for the trip doing a part-time job. — 3: Not stated

C. Jane’s best friend can’t travel with her because the friend is ill. — 3: Not stated

D. Jane and Peter want to see only Moscow when in Russia. — 2: False

E. Jane is planning to find a guide for their trip to Russia. — 2: False

F. Jane doesn’t think they’ll have language problems in Russia. — 1: True

G. Jane and Peter have already got their visas to Russia. — 2: False




Соответствие диалогу 1 3 3 2 2 1




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