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Задания 3-9

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Interviewer: You might not know her by name, but chances are you have seen her work. Especially if you look through glossy magazines or watch MTV, at least sometimes. Jane Dickson is a celebrity hairstylist who has worked on some of the biggest names in show business. Hello, Jane.

Jane: Hello!

Interviewer: Jane, are you proud of working with the stars?

Jane: Who wouldn’t? My top list includes Whitney Houston, Regina King and others. My work has also appeared in “Vouge”, “People” and so on. Whitney is my favorite client. And I’m pleased to know that I’ve prepared her for her most successful comebacks on the stage. The fact is, I am ambitious, and have so many more plans ahead.

Interviewer: That sounds very impressive. How long have you been working in the hair fashion industry?

Jane: I am a ten year veteran of the beauty industry and believe me, it’s glamorous and hard at the same time. My job is a lot like a psychologist’s job. A perfect hairstyle gives a client a sense of balance they desperately need. If you change your hairstyle – you change your life. I also must provide some longevity for this new transformation.

Interviewer: What’s your every day like?

Jane: I teach a lot. I love to mentor young professionals, as a beauty educator teaching across the country. In addition, I’m a passionate advocate for women’s welfare, working with various nonprofit organizations. So, it’s not the limelight all the time. In fact, I’d love some more of it.

Interviewer: What’s the most rewarding part of your celebrity hairstylist career?

Jane: The most rewarding part about being a celebrity stylist is bringing out their inner beauty, transforming attitudes and looks. It’s a blessing being able to travel the world and live out my passion. Plus, you get to stay on top of all the latest trends.

Interviewer: I’m sure our listeners would like a piece of advice from you. What styles are in fashion this year?

Jane: Fall is upon us and cool natural colours like varies auburns, ambers and chocolate browns are always nice for the winter. And long, full-bodied curls are a great textured look. Styles with flare and colour are show-suppers and a great look for a holydays.

Interviewer: One more point: sometimes women look through hair magazines and want to achieve a certain look that are celebrity has, but find that it’s hard to do without extensions. Can you explain why extensions are such a huge part of celebrity looks?

Jane: Extensions accentuate the style, giving it the fullness or extra length necessary to create the desired look. So, celebrities use extensions for the same reasons any women out there might.

Interviewer: All right. As far as taking care of hair, what are some simple things anyone can do to pamper her hair on a daily basis?

Jane: I would recommend brushing your hair daily, buying a good daily shampoo and using a silk scarf at bedtime to keep you hair smooth and silky. It refers to both men and women, basically. You also shouldn’t expose your hair to rain or snow.

Interviewer: OK. The pro has spoken. Thanks so much, Jane.

Jane: My pleasure.






3. In what way may Jane Dixon be known to the general public?

3) Her work with celebrities can be seen in the media.



4. What does Jane Dixon say about working in the beauty industry?

1) It is both challenging and exciting.



5. How does Jane Dixon describe her daily routine?

2) She spends much time training young hairstylists.



6) What, according to Jane Dixon, is the best part of her job?

2) You help people look more beautiful.



7. What does Jane Dixon consider fashionable this season?

3) Autumn colors.



8. Why, according to Jane Dixon, are extensions so popular among celebrities?

1) They bring out a hairstyle.



9. Which of the following does Jane Dixon NOT recommend as part of day-to-day hair care?

1) Avoid shampoos for everyday use.


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