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Задания 3-9



Вы услышите интервью. В заданиях 3–9 запишите в поле ответа цифру 1, 2 или 3, соответствующую выбранному Вами варианту ответа. Вы услышите запись дважды.



3. Introducing James Black, the presenter stresses his …

1) personal fulfilment.

2) old age.

3) achievements in advertising career.



4. Which of the following is NOT a part of James’s daily routine?

1) Bathing his son.

2) Cooking dinner.

3) Walking the dog.



5. What does James say about his baby son Charlie?

1) He speaks fluently.

2) He develops very quickly.

3) He was born in summer.



6. What does James rely on to keep fit?

1) Playing with the dog.

2) Practising in his “gym”.

3) Doing his routine jobs.



7. Which of the following is TRUE about James playing music?

1) It’s very spontaneous.

2) He needs many rehearsals.

3) He tries to please the audience.



8. What does James say about his musicians?

1) They are highly professional.

2) They love talking with the audience.

3) They never know what to play.



9. What does James say about his busiest periods?

1) He compares them to flying an airplane.

2) He prefers to spend them together with other people.

3) He finds an element of play in them.




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