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Задание 10


  1. Reasons to be afraid                                                                                       5. Visiting for wild life and animals
  2. A place of wonders                                                                                         6. It’s never late to learn
  3. Fight your fear                                                                                                 7. Reading non-verbal language
  4. How to say thank you                                                                                    8. Learn to be grateful



A. Nowadays when it’s all too easy to send an email or text, the best way to show that you are grateful to somebody is to actually mail a hand-written card. The person who gets it will know you took the extra time and thought to write a card and put it in the mail with a nice stamp. That person will appreciate your efforts much more. Plus, you’ll get the added bonus of feeling grateful a little longer than usual as you write out each note and wait for it to arrive.


B. Music is a noble passion, and people who can play a musical instrument have always been seen as intelligent people. Learning how to play a musical instrument is far more efficient if you do it in childhood. However, there are millions of adults who learn to enjoy music throughout their lives. Moreover, they don’t focus on just one instrument, but specialize in two or even more, if they have the time and the necessary ambition.


C. Millions of people avoid air travel each year because of their fear of flying. The fear of accidents happening is probably the most common fear among air travellers. It is an understandable fear, since there have been many aviation accidents throughout history. Some people may have a fear that the plane has some type of malfunction or breakdown, while others may have a fear that the weather or turbulance will affect the plane.


D. Try to understand that being scared is just an illusion that makes you limited and miserable. Take control of your mind and don’t let your imagination create frightening pictures in your head. If you cannot deal with it, you should make attempts to leave your comfort zone. Choose things and activities you are afraid of and meet your worries face to face, because it is impossible to run away from them. Just face your troubles no matter how powerful they may seem.


E. When you get chronically bored with something, your mind gets used to seeing the world negatively. It is necessary to break the chain of negative thoughts and train your mind to notice the best. Just write down 5 things you are thankful for. This way, your mind will change for the better in a while. The thankfulness will open your eyes to the beauty of the world around you and will help you to focus on positive moments in your life.


F. If you go to Ireland, go to isolated distant places in the country, talk to the locals and they will tell you the stories about the mythical Irish place, called the Otherworld. They believe that it is the land of paradise and happiness. In Irish poetry and tales, it is described as a series of islands near Ireland where the various fairytale creatures lived. Also the Otherworld seemed to be able to move from one location to another.


G. Many people can understand the nature of character without talking to the person they are interested in. The gestures and postures usually reflect the mood and the level of the person’s confidence. It’s easy to notice a highly confident person even in a big group of people. They stand in one place without constant moving from place to place, and they always make eye contact with the person they are talking to.








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