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Задание 10


  1. Colours for royal families                                                                              5. Colours around you
  2. Origin of the toy’s name                                                                                 6. Toys for all ages
  3. Popular names                                                                                                  7. Lovely animals
  4. Personal names



A People say that red, yellow and orange are “warm”, and that blue and green are “cool”. But if you touch a red wool sweater, it doesn’t feel warmer than a blue wool sweater. Scientists have taken the temperature of colours with a special instrument called a thermopile and have found that reds and oranges are warmer than blues and greens.


B. Pandas are wonderful. They look so nice, rather like soft furry toys. No wonder people love them. At any zoo they are always the centre of attention. The most striking thing about pandas is their black and white colouring. Pandas are strict vegetarians. They eat only young bamboo stems and nothing else. Pandas are peaceful, friendly and harmless. They have no enemies.


C. Imagine being arrested and thrown into prison for wearing a certain colour! It could have happened back in the days when kings and emperors ruled. In ancient Rome only the emperor and his wife could have purple or gold clothes. In China, only the emperor could wear yellow. And in France, in the past, only a princess could wear a scarlet dress.


D. Today we can hardly imagine a world without this eager listener and loyal friend, the teddy bear. But why is it called Teddy? The story goes back to 1902, when Theodore Roosevelt was President of the United States. The press and the people fondly called him Teddy. Once on a hunting trip, he couldn’t bring himself to shoot a defenseless bear cub. The owners of a candy store in New York made a little toy bear cub and put it in their shop window with a handwritten notice saying “Teddy’s bear”. The bear became a hit with the public.


E. Pet names, like human ones, go in and out of fashion. According to Bairbre O’Malley, a London vet, they reflect larger trends in society. The computer boom, for example, has produced dogs called Mac, Apple and, for smaller breeds, Microchip, or Laptop. Hollywood’s influence has inspired names like Conan and Terminator for bull terriers and other strong breeds. Mr O’Malley also remarked that many animals he treated after road accidents were called Lucky.


F. One of the most popular tourist attractions today is Legoland Windsor, the newest theme park in Europe. It is a theme park and the theme is bricks. Lego bricks, to be specific. You know those little plastic toy bricks children use to build castles, bridges, all sorts of things. Some grown-ups play with Lego bricks, too. One hundred of them worked for two and a half years to design buildings, trains, cars, boats, fountains and people for Legoland Windsor.








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