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Задание 10


  1. A job for anybody                                                                                           5. Zoopsychologist
  2. Start your business                                                                                        6. Night work
  3. A job with a high salary                                                                                 7. Working with your hands
  4. Choosing a job                                                                                                 8. Working for royals



A. Some people can’t get out of the house easily to shop, don’t have the time to do it or just don’t enjoy shopping. If shopping is something you enjoy, turn it into a self-employed career. Personal shoppers give advice to customers and suggest products that may suit their needs. This can be anything from gifts to household goods to clothing. Advertise your services at locations such as senior citizens’ centres, community centres, shopping malls and grocery stores. Meet with the clients and find out what items (groceries, clothing, etc.) they need and how often.


B. The market is changing very fast. In fact, there may be careers that exist when a student gets out of college that simply didn’t exist when they started. So rather than asking, “What do I want to be?,” pose these questions: “What skills do I have? What kinds of people do I like to work with? In what kind of environment?” This is a way to think about a career without necessarily naming it. You describe yourself in a functional way and then figure out what that’s called and if people get paid to do it.


C. The regulations define this as the period between 11 pm and 6 am although this agreement can be slightly varied between employers and workers. Generally, people who work for at least three hours within the period must be offered a free health assessment before they begin their work duties and on a regular basis. Workers, however, do not have to accept this check. In general, workers must be over 18, although there are some exceptions to this rule. Teenagers aged 16 and 17, for example, can work according to this schedule, but only for 40 hours per week.


D. When your dog won’t roll over or your cat is making a mess, you might have to call someone who specialises in pet behaviour to solve your problems. This person analyses the pet’s confidence and security inside and outside the home to find the source of the problem. By studying their instincts and social rituals in their natural habitat as well as around humans, they modify the unwanted behaviour. It is all about helping dogs, cats and horses feel safe and confident and secure inside and outside our homes.


E. Being a queen’s piper involves playing the bagpipes for 15 minutes at 9 am under the Queen’s window when she is in residence at Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse or Balmoral Castle. The piper is also responsible for the co-ordination of the 12 Army pipers who play around the table after State Banquets. It’s important to be presentable and patient enough when escorting the Queen to the various audiences that she has throughout the day.


F. A surgeon starts with a Bachelor’s degree, specializes in medicine and finally, surgery and then spends up to seven years as an intern or a resident. If you want to cut people open, they want to be really sure you know what you are doing. The field will be growing, as people now live longer. This is one of the highest demand and best paid jobs in the US because it takes so much skill and precision. Wages vary depending on the type of surgery, but on average this was the highest paid medical job in 2015.


G. Imagine you’re an electrician, you’re installing a pipe and have to bend around the corners to make everything line up. This kind of work requires improvisation and creativity. Besides, the wages of manual workers are greater than in many office jobs. For instance, a skilled mechanic usually earns more than a sociology graduate working in publishing. Besides, the job offers small moments of joy, like when the bike you’re mending starts up and runs. But not everything about manual work is rosy. Furniture making, for example, is not a good career move.








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