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Задания 12-16



Прочитайте рассказ и выполните задания 1–5. В каждом задании обведите букву ABC или D, соответствующую выбранному вами варианту ответа.



«A good book for children should simply be a good book in its own right.» These are the words of Mollie Hunter, a well-known author of books for youngsters. Born and bred near Edinburgh, Mollie has devoted her talents to writing primarily for young people. She firmly believes that there is always and should always be a wider audience for any good book whatever its main market. In Mollie’s opinion it is essential to make full use of language and she enjoys telling a story, which is what every writer should be doing: »If you aren’t telling a story, you’re a very dead writer indeed,» she says.


When Mollie was a child her home was still a village with buttercup meadows and strawberry fields – sadly now covered with modern houses. «I was once taken back to see it and I felt that somebody had lain dirty hands all over my childhood. I’ll never go back,» she said. «Never.» »When I set one of my books in Scotland,» she said, «I can recapture my romantic feelings as a child playing in those fields, or watching the village blacksmith at work. And that’s important, because children now know so much so early that romance can’t exist for them, as it did for us.»


To this day, Mollie has a lively affection for children, which is reflected in the love she has for her writing. «When we have visitors with children the adults always say, «If you go to visit Mollie, she’ll spend more time with the children.» Molly believes that parents don’t realize that children are much more interesting company and always have something new and unexpected to say.




12. In Mollie’s opinion a good book should

А) be attractive to a wide audience.

B) be attractive primarily to youngsters.

C) be based on original ideas.

D) include a lot of description.



13. How does Mollie feel about what has happened to her birthplace?

А) confused

B) ashamed

C) disappointed

D) surprised



14. In comparison with children of earlier years, Mollie feels that modern children are

А) more romantic.

B) better informed.

C) less keen to learn.

D) less interested in fiction.



15. Mollie’s adult visitors generally discover that she

А) is a lively person.

B) is interesting company.

C) talks a lot about her work.

D) pays more attention to their children.



16. Mollie thinks that the parents

А) are not aware of their children’s gifts.

B) overestimate their children’s talents.

C) sometimes don’t understand what their children say.

D) don’t spend much time with their children.




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