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ЕГЭ-2328 — Ответы


Задания 12-18



12. What did Bentley Harcourt think about the American West when he read the newspaper article?

C) He thought it was a land where life was easy and wonderful.



13. Why did the oil company decide to send part of the profits to the bank?

A) The money belonged to the owner of the land.



14. How did David Kingsley learn about the unclaimed money in the Texas bank?

D) He found the story in a magazine.



15. David Kingsley thought that the owner of the Texas ranch was

B) related to his mother.



16. Why was David Kingsley surprised to find another Bentley Harcourt who had left for America?

B) The name was too unusual for there being two of them.



17. David Kingsley never got Bentley Harcourt’s money because he

B) didn’t prove in court that its owner was his relative.



18. Why does the narrator advise the readers to study their family trees?

A) They may find relatives who would turn into best friends.



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