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ЕГЭ-3107 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



As old as a brontosaurus


As we walked around the Prehistoric Park in Calgary, I had my six-year-old son, Jordie, pose for a picture with a brontosaurus in the background. After I took the photo, I ___COULD_NOT___ help crying.

«What’s wrong, Mom?» Jordie asked. I explained that when I was his age, my parents had taken my picture standing in exactly the same spot, and I was feeling rather nostalgic. I added that perhaps one day he ___WOULD_TAKE___ his son’s picture here.

Puzzled, he looked several times from the brontosaurus to ___ME___.

And then came the ___WORST___ moment of my life. My son said, «But …when you were a girl … it was alive then, right?»





What do you know about Barbados? This island country is located on an island group in the Caribbean Sea ___LYING___ to the east of the West Indies.

It ___IS_THOUGHT___ to have received its name from the Portuguese word for ‘bearded’ because of the bearded fig trees that grow on the island.

Bridgetown is the capital, ___LARGEST___ city and only seaport.



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