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ЕГЭ-3115 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



What country has no rivers?


Hard to believe it, but there is such a country! Libya ___IS_LOCATED___ in North Africa and borders on the Mediterranean Sea. It’s the ___FIFTEENTH___ largest country on Earth. But more than 90 percent of Libya is desert, and there’s not a single permanent river in Libya! This huge country, more than four times the size of California, has a ___SMALLER___ population than a number of cities in California. Libya ___BECAME___ an independent nation in 1951.



A lesson on efficiency


I remember my last year at school very well. There were three boys ___NAMED___ William in my class. Miss Fisher, one of the teachers, called them all William, and we ___DID_NOT_KNOW___ which one she was talking to. One day, during a lesson on efficiency, she thundered, “William, put that gum you ___ARE_CHEWING___ in the wastepaper bin at once!” All three of them started to rise, paused, then walked to the front of the class to dispose of their gum. The teacher beamed. “Three for one! Now that’s efficiency.”



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