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ЕГЭ-3119 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



Does it ever snow in Brazil?


During winter and sometimes even autumn and spring it snows in some cities of southern Brazil. There are several cities ___KNOWN___ for their snow, like Urupema and Urubici. These cities ___ARE___ all in high areas, but even places at sea level can have snow, although in small amounts and not every year. Brazil ___IS_THOUGHT___ to be a “tropical paradise” which is very wrong. Foreigners who travel to southern Brazil during autumn or winter in search for some heat and beaches are often disappointed.



The North Pole is melting


Do you know how the global warming affects the Arctic? A survey by the Japan Agency for Science and Technology shows that Arctic ice is melting at a far ___QUICKER___ rate than anticipated. Today Arctic ice is melting at previously unseen rates.

The coastal ice in parts of Canada and Alaska has become quite brittle. Ice easily breaks away in large pieces and melts in the open ocean. Now there is also ___LESS___ sea ice in the Arctic Ocean. It happens because ice ___FLOATS___ into the Atlantic Ocean.

Scientists say that the lack of ice represents clear proof that the planet ___IS_WARMING___. Back in the past it could take three years to get through the waterway’s thick ice successfully, now  just a few weeks.



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