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ЕГЭ-3147 — Ответы


Задания 19-25



The bank job


When Emma started working in a big bank, she was always afraid someone might rob her. On the ___THIRD___ day, a man who looked suspicious entered the bank. He walked straight to Emma who was sitting behind bulletproof glass. Then he placed a note under her window. Being very scared, Emma ___FELL___ on the floor under the counter and hit the alarm button. The guards came and the man ___WAS_ARREST___. Then Emma read the note. It said, “Would you have lunch with me?”





As people get older, the part of the brain responsible for helping record new memories becomes less efficient. New information ___HAS___ more difficulty getting in, but memories that were stored in the past do not disappear. This is one of the reasons why elderly people often remember details about ___THEIR___ youth but sometimes forget what they had for dinner the night before. One lady said, “Things ___HAVE_CHANGED___ a lot since I retired. But I try to keep in touch by sharing life stories with others. For example, I talk with friends about the plot of a book or a good movie. It makes me organize information and strengthens my memory. Isolation is the ___WORST___ thing”.



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