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ЕГЭ-3209 — Ответы


Задания 26-31



Tourism in Britain


Tourism is already Britain’s fifth most important industry and it is also the fifth largest tourist industry in the world. It’s growing ___RAPIDLY___: the number of people employed in the industry increased by more than 50,000 a year.

Britain has a rich and varied cultural heritage. ___COLOURFUL___ royal ceremonies attract millions of visitors each year. London has an international reputation for its historic sites, museums and famous institutions. A city of infinite colour and ___VARIETY___, London is both historic and unceasingly modern, at the forefront of fashion, music and art.  Historic cities such as Oxford, Cambridge and Bath are visited by large numbers of ___FOREIGNERS___.

People who travel to Scotland, the Lake District and other areas of upland Britain find unique ___EXCITING___ places and scenery which can vary over short distances. Some of the most popular ___ATTRACTIONS___ outside London are the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, the Tudor ship in Portsmouth and National museum of Photography in Bradford.



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