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Задания 26-31



The Blue Mountains National Park


When people come to Australia, they typically wish to enjoy the outstanding nature of the continent. If you are a ___VISITORS___ to Australia with this very goal on your mind, try The Blue Mountains National Park. It is located in New South Wales, approximately 80 km west of Sydney. Its proximity to the biggest city in Australia has made this ___AMAZING___ park a popular day trip for both tourists and locals alike.

The park is ___PROBABLY___ best known for the Three Sisters, a rock formation that towers 900 m above the Jamison Valley. The Blue Mountains National Park features miles of trails for hikers and mountain bikers, and it is also a popular ___NATURAL___ playground for adventurers who enjoy adrenaline sports. Among such sports the top one is rock ___CLIMBING___.

Your day in The Blue Mountains National Park will certainly be ___UNFORGETTABLE___.



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