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ЕГЭ-3305 — Ответы


Задания 32-38




  1. B) designing
  2. C) expedition
  3. A) like
  4. D) thanks
  5. C) food
  6. D) increase
  7. A) solutions
  8. B) harming



Your Future World


What will you be doing in 2025? Will you be living in an undersea research station? Will you be the chief engineer __designing__ a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean? Will you be leading an __expedition__ to the planet Mars? Will you be …?

You can daydream, of course, but nobody knows exactly what the world will be __like__. But scientists have made some guesses.

Based on the advances made, they believe people will be healthier. Diphtheria, malaria, tuberculosis, polio and many other killers are under control now. These diseases are on the way out, __thanks__ to germ-killing chemicals, new ways of finding out about our bodies, and new ways of providing clean, safe __food__ and water.

Healthier people live longer, so we can expect the world’s population to __increase__ sharply. It may double in the next forty years! This brings up a serious problem: how will we find food, water, and minerals for such a huge population?

Scientists are at work on some __solutions__. From the ocean they hope to get new fertilizers to increase the yield of the soil; new chemicals to kill crop-destroying insects without __harming__ other animals, new sources of water or supplies of food.



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