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ЕГЭ-3353 — Ответы


Задания 32-38




  1. C) remind
  2. B) at
  3. D) responsible
  4. A) say
  5. C) keep
  6. D) Moreover
  7. A) succeed



Solo travelling


I like travelling alone. I have visited many places, such as Thailand, Europe, South America and the USA on my own, which was a great challenge. Every time I travel solo I __remind__ myself of how strong I am. Travelling with others, you tend to rely on different people for different things. For example, Joe handles the map because he’s good __at__ navigation, while Jennifer deals with the arguments because she’s an excellent problem solver. When you’re travelling by yourself, only you’re __responsible__ for it all: reading the map, navigating local transportation, communicating through language barriers to order food or a bus ticket, and any other travel situation.

Solo travelling also developed my communication skills. I think I truly reached my full socializing potential when I was travelling alone in Europe. I can __say__ that European culture is extremely social in itself. Suddenly, people were coming up and starting conversations with me in money exchanges, train stations, parks, buses, piazzas, hostels. As I got used to the European culture, I began initiating conversations myself. I still __keep__ in touch with most of the friends I made on that trip. They are very kind and helpful people. __Moreover__, I realized how easy it was to make friends once you came out of your shell. These communication skills have helped me to __succeed__ in work, friendship and relationships.



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