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ЕГЭ-3372 — Ответы


Задания 32-38



  1. D) put
  2. B) remember
  3. C) used
  4. C) reached
  5. A) trouble
  6. B) case
  7. D) on





When Mary left her office, she walked home to her apartment on Twilight Road. The chill of the early morning made her __put__ her hands into the pockets of her stylish jacket and pick up her pace. The weather brought to mind a long-forgotten line from Little Women. One of the sisters – she couldn’t __remember__ whether it was Berth or Amy – said that November was a disagreeable month, and Jo agreed, commenting that that was why she was born in it.

Me, too, Mary thought, “My birthday is November the twenty-forth. The Thanksgiving baby they called me. Thanksgiving and birthdays __used__ to be fun, but not for me. I had to jog between two dinners and there was no one to help me. It was a problem to manage two dinners in different places at the same time. Of course, my domestic problem is small, compared with Millie’s,” she thought as she __reached__ her street and turned west. Millie was her best friend and she was in __trouble__.

Yesterday her meeting with Millie was strange. Millie had stayed at the office for about an hour. Over a cup of tea, Millie had insisted that Mary keep the turquoise ring. “If something were to happen to me, it’s important that you have it just in __case__ the woman who phoned you contacts you again,” she had said. She doesn’t mean if something happens to her; she means when, Mary thought, as she opened the door and turned __on__ the light in her apartment.



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