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Упражнение 2




1) Are THOSE your parents waiting for you by the car?

2) THIS is my favorite part of the movie. It’s so funny.

3) THIS is the wallet I found in the classroom. Who do you think it belongs to?

4) THAT cat across the street has stripes like a tiger.

5) Whose shoes are THOSE by the stairs? Put them away.

6) THESE cookies on the table are mine. Yours are in the cupboard.

7) Do you know the names of THOSE boys? I’ve never seen them before.

8) THIS cups are dirty. They need to be washed.

9) There was a picture of my grandfather on THAT wall. What happened to it?

10) We are lost. Ask THAT man for directions.

11) Look at all THOSE people waiting outside the shop. There must be a sale.

12) Do you want any of THESE? If not, I will throw them away.

13) I don’t want THESE trousers. They are the wrong colour.

14) Can you see THAT sign? What does it say?

15) THESE are the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever eaten. They are delicious.

16) Do you think THIS phone here is better than THAT phone?

17) I want to buy THIS dress and THESE shoes.

18) I saw THAT film last year. It wasn’t very good.

19) It is just a guess, but is THIS the right answer?

20) How many oranges do you have in THIS bag? It’s quite heavy.

21) I’m sure THIS is the right address. It’s the only white house in the street.

22) Can you give me THOSE books? They are too far to reach.

23) What time does THIS class begin?

24) What are THOSE animals? I’ve never seen anything like them before.

25) Last summer, my family and I stayed in THAT hotel. It was very nice.



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