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Упражнение 1


Предлоги времени

Заполните пробелы в предложениях с правильным предлогом времени — in, on или at.


1) My father is a policeman and he sometimes works ________ night.

2) We usually go skateboarding ________ Sunday morning.

3) Sergey usually has lunch ________ noon.

4) I don’t watch a lot of TV ________ the evening.

5) I have English lessons ________ Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

6) My birthday is ________ 29 February.

7) My cousins always come visit us ________ New Year’s.

8) We always sleep late ________ New Year’s Day.

9) School always begins ________ 8:30.

10) Veronika’s birthday is ________ June.

11) The leaves turn red, orange, and yellow ________ the autumn.

12) Do you usually have lunch ________ noon?

13) I sometimes watch TV ________ the evening before I do my homework.

14) I like to go to the cinema with my friends ________ my birthday.

15) Have you ever heard an owl ________ night?

16) We moved to our new flat ________ 2019.

17) My sister started playing the piano ________ the age of 7.

18) I hate waking up ________ Monday mornings.

19) My brother’s birthday is ________ December.

20) Do you like going to school _______ the afternoon?

21) It is a holiday. We are not studying ________ the moment.

22) In England, people usually drink tea _______ 5 o’clock.

23) In America, Thanksgiving is celebrated ________ the last Thursday of November.

24) Women’s Day is ________ the 8th of March.

25) The Sochi Olympics took place ________ 2014.



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