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ОГЭ-1117 — Ответы


Задание 1


Тексты для аудирования


Dialogue A:

A: Good evening!

B: Good evening! I’ve got a reservation for 7pm. Steve Johns.

A: Yes, certainly. It’s the table near the stage. We’re having live music tonight.

A: That’s great, but I asked for a table by the window.

B: Sorry, I made a mistake. I’ll ask the manager whether we can change anything in the reservation list.

A: Thank you.


Dialogue B:

A: Hello! I’d like to buy three tickets for this Friday.

B: There are only orchestra and balcony seats left.

A: On the balcony then. The first row, if possible.

B: Right. There are three seats available in the centre of the first row. 20 dollars per ticket.

A: Ok. I’ll take them. Can I pay by credit card?

B: Yes, sure.


Dialogue C:

A: So….Did you like it?

B: Oh yes, immensely! She has a gorgeous voice. It was a delight! But it was a bit stuffy in the hall, wasn’t it?

A: Yes, that’s why it’s so pleasant to be outside at last. Fancy a walk? Or shall we take a taxi?

B: Not a taxi. It’s a warm evening.

A: Let’s walk through the town centre, then.

B: Ok.


Dialogue D:

A: What are they doing? There, upstairs! Is it a karaoke contest? I can’t concentrate on my studies.

B: I’m afraid our neighbours are just having a party.

A: It’s past nine already. You should make them turn down the music!

B: Could you give them another twenty minutes?

A: All right, but no longer. Or I’ll call the police myself.



A — 4: In a restaurant

B — 1: At a box office

C — 3: In a street

D — 5: At home





Место действия

4 1 3




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: I’m very fond of fast food. Yet, these days I don’t eat it because I’m trying to lose weight. Every evening I decide what to have the next day. Then I make notes in my eating diary. For example, tomorrow I’ll have porridge for breakfast, soup and fish for lunch, and some meat salad for dinner. I take my little food organizer with me everywhere. It helps me stick to a balanced diet and eat the right food at the right time.


Speaker B: In class I dream about having something delicious for lunch. But I dislike the dishes in the cafeteria. The food they serve is really awful — the hot dogs and pizzas taste like rubber. I’m not keen on cheeseburgers, greasy fries and cold pasta either. I know it is hard to make food for so many students and suit everybody’s taste. But they really should do something to improve the menu.


Speaker C: I prefer eating at home. I don’t like hamburgers, hot dogs and chips much anyway, and soups, salads, chops and vegetables are always much better at home than in a café or canteen. When you cook for yourself, you can be sure that the ingredients you use are fresh. Another good thing is that you can add as much salt, pepper or sugar — as you want, to your taste, not to the taste of other people.


Speaker D: Some people have very wrong ideas about fast food. They believe that fast food is convenient, cheap and safe. But it’s not safe at all! Fast food often has ingredients that are dangerous for your body. It’s also addictive. That is, you get used to it and can’t do without it. Fast food contains lots of fat and has too many calories. It makes people overweight and causes heart problems.


Speaker E: I’ve always enjoyed homemade dishes and I want my family to eat tasty and healthy food. To me, cooking is an art. I always follow the same rules when I cook. First, I turn on my favourite music. Then, I prepare all the ingredients I need to make the dish and display them on the table. After that, I start cooking and I hate being interrupted by telephone calls or by someone from my family. When the dish is ready, I always decorate it with pieces of vegetables or dried fruit — depending on the dish.



A − 6: his/her eating plan.

B − 5: the quality of school food.

C − 3: the advantages of homemade food.

D − 4: the dangers of fast food.

E − 1: his/her cooking habits.






6 5 3 4




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


James: Hi, Kate! How are you doing?

Kate: Oh, it’s you, James. Everything’s fine, thanks. I’m just looking for my key. It must be here somewhere … in my bag, but I can’t find it.

James: You missed morning class. Did you feel unwell?

Kate: Oh, no! I just didn’t hear my alarm clock. I went to bed late yesterday — I was busy with an essay on English Literature, and then chatted online with some friends to cheer myself up…and I found it too difficult to wake up on time. Oh dear. Mrs. Jefferson will never forgive me for skipping the test.

James: She won’t get very angry with you. Your grades in maths are the highest in the class.

Kate: Yeah, I would prefer three maths tests to one essay, but still… Oh, here’s the key at last. I was afraid I’d lost it somewhere during our PE lesson.

James: You had PE?

Kate: Yes. We did lots of running today – I really hate it.

James: You don’t like any sport, do you?

Kate: No, I don’t hate everything. I don’t mind watching some sports on TV — something artistic, like gymnastics or skating. I even did some skating myself, a couple of years ago.

James: Were you any good?

Kate: No, not really. I gave it up pretty soon after. The skating rink was a bit far from our house. I had no time to go there.

James: I live a long way from the stadium too, but I go there three times a week anyway. My coach has designed a special programme for me and I stick to it. If you like what you do, you can always find an opportunity to do it.

Kate: Hey, James, you sound like my father! He’s a manager in a company, and a very well-organized person. He plans everything! Not only his work but our home life too — when we go on a picnic, when we go to the cinema, when we go out as a family.

James: There’s nothing wrong with that – when you plan, you find time for everything, and for hobbies too.

Kate: I don’t think I have any hobbies. Do you?

James: I don’t know… Sports don’t count as a hobby, do they?

Kate: No, they don’t.

James: Then it’s probably computer games. I don’t play them very often, but sometimes they help me relax. And what’s your hobby?

Kate: My mum has always tried to get me interested in gardening. But it’s her idea of relaxation, not mine!

James: It can’t be that you don’t enjoy doing anything… Music, may be?

Kate: No, not that. What I really like is reading old historical novels, or science-fiction books. Not modern authors but the old classical fictions. They are old-fashioned but so beautifully written and relaxing. I even have a little collection of excellent old books at home.

James: Which means you do have a hobby after all! It’s reading and collecting old books.

Kate: Yes, you’re right! Collecting old books sounds glamorous. It’s a nice hobby. The only problem is it’s difficult to find these books in the shops.

James: Yes, you can hardly find them there. But some people have these books at home and would gladly give them to you for free. Me, for example. I think there are some books like that in our attic.

Kate: Are there?

James: I could give a couple of them to you, say, as a birthday present!

Kate: But I can’t wait till then! It’s March, and I was born in August!

James: Never mind. It can be a present for your previous birthday.

Kate: Oh, thanks. That’s so nice of you!

James: My birthday is in December and I’ve always envied people born in summer, like you.

Kate: Why? It’s not as good as it seems. Very few people come to my birthday parties. Lots of friends are on holiday, out of town…





3. Why did Kate miss the class?

2) She overslept.


4. What school subject does Kate like most?

1) Mathematics.


5. What kind of sport did Kate do?

3) Skating.


6. What does Kate’s father do as his job?

Kate’s father is

2) a manager.


7. What is Kate’s hobby?

3) Collecting things.


8. When is Kate’s birthday?

3) In summer.



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