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ОГЭ-1124 — Ответы


Задание 1


Тексты для аудирования


Dialogue A:

A: Why are you making so much noise, Dave? What are you watching?

B: The football. Chelsea is playing Man United, and so far, we’re losing.

A: Oh no. I’ve never understood that game. Dinner’s ready. I’ve made your favorite – chicken curry.

B: Not now, mum, please! I’ll do anything if you let me watch the game.

A: Alright, you can do the dishes then.


Dialogue B:

A: It’s so crowded in here.

B: The top teams are playing. Both have lots of fans.

A: On, look! That player hit our forward. Did you see that?

B: No, I didn’t. And the referee didn’t notice it either.

A: But the other player deliberately kicked him!

B: You’re probably right. Look! The coach wants to talk to the referee.


Dialogue C:

A: Could you help me?

B: Sure. What’s up?

A: How does this bike work?

B: Oh, you need to press this start button and choose a suitable program.

A: Thanks. It’s my first time here, and I’m hopeless with all these machines.

B: I’ll be on the treadmill. Wave if you need anything. When I joined, the others always helped.

A: Thanks.


Dialogue D:

A: The weather is really nice.

B: I jog here every morning, if it doesn’t rain. I prefer jogging to exercising in the gym.

A: So do I. It’s nicer here than in the crowded gym.

B: And we sometimes play football there, in the playground.

A: I’ll probably come and support you one day.



A – 2: At home

B – 3: At a stadium

C – 1: In a gym

D – 5: In a park





Место действия

2 3 1




Задание 2


Тексты для аудирования


Speaker A: I’m not an expert in sleep techniques, but I have my own effective methods. I do at least one physical activity a day. The more active I am during the day, the better I sleep. Then, I never go to bed hungry. That doesn’t mean that I eat straight before bed, but I always have dinner. I find it really useful to spend at least half an hour reading in bed. This puts my mind at ease. I’m sure if you follow these simple rules, you’ll never have sleep problems.


Speaker B: People sometimes stay up all night to study, work, or have fun. But I’ve noticed that not having enough sleep has really serious consequences. For example, it affects your mood, your ability to learn and work with information. Personally, when I’m tired and sleepy, even routine activities such as doing homework, or cleaning up the house, feel very unpleasant and difficult. So, be careful and get enough sleep.


Speaker C: Of course I understand that good sleep really matters. If I get a good night’s rest, I’m ready to face the world around me. But, my friends told me that the amount of sleep you need depends on your lifestyle. For example, teenagers should sleep at least nine hours, and adults seven or eight. Some people remain healthy and energetic having slept for only six hours. Others can’t be happy without at least ten hours of sleep.


Speaker D: Recently, I read an article that said that falling asleep at 10pm gives the best results. You feel productive and healthy. In the morning, your body will be rested because you’re following its natural cycles. The author said you should go to sleep when nature turns off the light. So, the best time is between nine and 11pm. And now I’m trying to follow this advice, and I feel better.


Speaker E: I’m making a presentation about sleep cycles. I couldn’t even imagine there could be so many stages of sleep. For example, you begin with light sleep, when you can be easily woken. Then your body relaxes, and calm sleep begins. Slowly, your sleep gets deeper. At this time, your body fills with energy, but you don’t have any dreams. You have them close to morning time. And to me, that’s the most pleasant part of the night.



A – 1: how to improve sleep.

B – 2: the bad effects of too little sleep.

C – 3: how much sleep a person needs.

D – 6: the best time to go to bed.

E – 4: different periods of sleep.






1 2 3 6




Задания 3-8


Тексты для аудирования


Ken: Hi, Linda.

Linda: Hi, Ken.

Ken: There’s a free seat here. Sit down.

Linda: Thanks! I feel really hungry, and there’s so little time before the school bell.

Ken: I recommend sausage with fries.

Linda: No, thanks. I’ve already got the vegetable soup. It’s my favorite dish here.

Ken: Is that all that you’re going to eat?

Linda: Yes. I usually have this soup and some sweet pancakes for desert. But they don’t have them today. Mmm. The soup is good, as usual.

Ken: I didn’t see you this morning.

Linda: I was late for the first class. It was very silly of me, but I completely forgot we have mathematics as a nine o’clock class. I thought we started at half past ten today.

Ken: Hmm. I wish we did. Was Mrs. Mill angry with you? What excuse did you make up?

Linda: I didn’t make anything up. I just told the truth. That I had forgotten about the class, but it would never happen again because I would always check my timetable.

Ken: I usually say something about a broken down bus, or a traffic accident, but it never works. The teachers don’t buy it.

Linda: They certainly don’t. You’re not the first person to tell them that stuff about missed buses, awful headaches, being trapped in elevators, and other rubbish. I’m going to be a teacher myself and no student will be able to fool me so easily.

Ken: Are you thinking about a teaching career?

Linda: Yes, I considered being an economist, but working with figures and analyzing economic trends would be too boring for me. It’s definitely not for me. My parents want me to be a lawyer, but I don’t like the idea of that either. I want something dynamic and I enjoy working with kids. They never let me get bored.

Ken: Yeah, but why do your parents want you to be a lawyer?

Linda: They want me to live in a big city and to work for a famous law firm. It’s probably because we always lived on a remote farm, and they want me to enjoy the benefits of a big city, like theatres, cultural events, big shops, and so on.

Ken: Does your family still live on the farm?

Linda: Yes, sure. We grow beans, and we have some farm animals. All that can’t be left unattended.

Ken: But how do you get to school, then?

Linda: I stay with my grandparents during the week. They live in the centre of our town, quite close to our school, and I go home for weekends and holidays.

Ken: I see. Every weekend?

Linda: This weekend, I’m staying here. It’s my granny’s birthday this Saturday and my parents are coming for the celebration. We’re going to have a party for family and friends.

Ken: Relatives’ birthdays are always a problem for me. I never know what birthday present to give.

Linda: Oh yes, it’s a big problem. We’ve been thinking a lot about it. Dad suggested a silver bracelet and earrings. But granny is not fond of jewelry. Mom had an idea about some useful things for gardening, but it’s not an interesting enough present in my opinion.

Ken: Why not ask your grandmother what she would like?

Linda: She’d never say. But I think it’s a very practical approach to let people know what you’d like to get. I’ve already told my parents what I want to get for my next birthday.

Ken: Yeah? And what is it? A motorbike, or a grand piano?

Linda: No. It’s just a tennis set. I want to join the tennis club this summer, but I prefer to have my own racket and not to rent it.

Ken: That’s right. Tennis is a serious sport and a comfortable racket is important.

Linda: And Ken, I think you gave me an idea about a present for granny.

Ken: A motorbike?

Linda: No, a piano. Not a grand piano, of course, but an electronic piano. Granny used to play it, and she’ll probably take up her old hobby again. I’ll discuss it with my parents tonight.





3. What is Linda having for lunch?

2) Vegetable soup.


4. Why was Linda late for school yesterday?

2) She forgot about the lesson.


5. What career does Linda want to have in the future? She wants to be

1) a teacher.


6. Where does Linda’s family live?

3) On a farm.


7. Where is Linda going to spend the coming weekend?

2) At her grandparents’.


8. What present does Linda want to get for her next birthday?

1) A tennis set.



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