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Задание 9


  1. Fictional characters also love it                                                                    5. The origin of ice cream
  2. How to make ice cream colourful                                                                6. Ice cream official events
  3. Can be good for health                                                                                    7. The unique taste of the ice cream
  4. What it is made of                                                                                            8. Now available for everyone


A. Ice cream is an iced dessert generally made from dairy products. Most historians think that this dessert was brought to Europe from China. A dish similar to ice cream was made in China around 200 B.C. The earliest references to ice cream in Europe are connected with Nero, a Roman emperor. He ordered ice from the mountains and mixed it with milk and then added fruit toppings to it.


B. In the old days, before refrigerators became common kitchen equipment, ice cream was a dish only for the rich, and royalty. It was not an everyday food – it was eaten on special occasions and was very expensive. The development of refrigeration technology quickly made ice cream a commonly enjoyed dessert around the world. Today, people can easily make ice cream at home with the help of portable ice cream makers.


C. The most important ingredients in ice cream are milk, sugar and… air. Without air mixed in, ice cream would be as hard as a rock, not much different from flavored ice. The quality of an ice cream depends on the amount of air in it. Sugar and fats are important too. Sugar in ice cream lowers its melting point, and the fats are responsible for its creamy texture.


D. According to scientists, ice cream contains vitamins, calcium, proteins and other useful substances for the body. A huge amount of calcium makes this product extremely valuable. Due to the calcium, ice cream can strengthen bones, normalize blood pressure and support the immune system. The cold dessert can be a part of breakfast, lunch and dinner.


E. Russians are great consumers of ice cream. They love sweets in general and they can eat ice cream in any season no matter how cold it is. The flavour of Russian ice cream is special. It’s much creamier than the low-calorie stuff people are used to in Western countries. True, it contains more fat but it is tastier. The most popular kinds of ice cream in Russia are plombir and eskimo.


F. Americans consume more ice cream per person than any other nation on the planet, especially in summer time. July is a month when Americans have lots of ice cream festivals and different events dedicated to the sweet dessert. Moreover, the third Sunday of the month is National Ice Cream Day. Ice cream stores and factories throughout the country come up with all sorts of ice cream in different designs and colours.


G. There are many references to ice cream in different books. One of them is Roald Dahl’s story ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. There, Grandpa Joe tells his grandson about Mr Wonka and his magical chocolate inventions – the chocolate ice cream that never melts, even under the hot sun. In the famous Harry Potter novels, ice cream is often mentioned as a favourite dessert of the young magicians. Harry, Ron, and Hermione often enjoyed strawberry-and-peanut-butter ice creams.










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