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Задание 9


  1. What natural resource do Icelanders use as an alternative to central heating?
  2. What should you take with you when going to Iceland?
  3. What are the national characteristics of the local people?
  4. In what seasons can you see snow in Iceland?
  5. What extreme excursions can the country offer?
  6. What does a traditional Icelandic house look like?
  7. Why are these animals widely used in tourist business?


A. In spite of its hard northern climate, the island is very attractive to tourists. Many people who have visited the country once want to go there again and again. The country turns skeptics into poets and optimists. It’s not only because of the views but also because of the local people. Icelanders are friendly and hospitable and welcome guests. It really compensates for the cold harsh climate!


B. An adventurous traveller would never mistake Iceland’s scenery for any other because of the boiling water fountains and the steam coming from the earth. Smoking volcanoes attract the bravest tourists. Iceland is the only place in the world where you can hike up a volcano and even go inside. There are guided walks to the glaciers, large masses of slowly moving ice, too.


C. Icelandic weather is unpredictable throughout the year. Bright sunshine can easily change to cold and miserable weather within a few hours. In the summer, rain is typical in Iceland. From September to May, when the temperature falls, it often snows, especially on the south and west coasts.


D. Till nowadays Icelanders cannot do without horses. And horses are very important not only for farming. From the Viking Age, horses have become a part of Iceland’s culture. They look like My Little Pony toys but they are exceptionally strong, so they can do heavy work and survive cold winters. The horses are good-natured, which is perfect for new riders. Guesthouses and travel companies across the country offer horse rides and tours.


F. If you decide to visit Iceland, you’ll never regret your decision. The only thing that can spoil your trip is the weather. That’s why it’s very important to get a reliable weather forecast whatever season it is. If you wear appropriate clothes and have some smart heating devices, neither rain nor snow can ruin your trip.


G. Hengill, a place near Reykjavik, is a famous landmark of the country. It is a field of more than 7 thousand hot springs. The water from the springs is used to warm the houses and to fill the open pools in the capital of Iceland. The water comes from below the earth where the temperature is about seven thousand degrees.



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