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Задание 9


  1. What goods were made from the plant, the symbol of Scotland?
  2. What is the national sporting event of the country?
  3. What endangered plants grow in the Scottish Highlands?
  4. What plant brings luck and success?
  5. What is the stereotype of Scotland like?
  6. Why is Scotland an attractive place for those who love sports?
  7. What is the modern profile of Scotland like?


A. Thanks to television and films, Scotland is often seen by the rest of the world as a magical country, a land of misty mountains and the home of a lake creature called Nessie. This is the image most people have in mind. The truth, however, is completely different from the way the world thinks of Scotland. You may be surprised to find out that most Scots live in the lowlands and don’t believe in Nessie.


B. Scotland is much more than green hills and picturesque valleys. It’s dynamic and cosmopolitan, with a colourful history of invention and innovation. It’s the home of big businesses and a centre of new medical and scientific development. Each year, it hosts the world’s biggest contemporary arts festivals. Scotland is an exciting place to live in, particularly for a young person.


C. Scottish heather, a small bush with flowers, is the floral symbol of the country. The colour of the flowers usually varies from purple to lilac, but they can also be white. In the past, the Scots believed that they would never be captured by enemies and would win victories if they wore white heather. Today, when getting married, girls add white heather to bouquets to bring fortune to their family.


D. Heather has grown in Scotland as far back as its history goes. This has turned it into a kind of household good. Heather honey is rich in minerals, and was traditionally used in medicinal drinks. Thousands of years ago, dried heather was used to make perfumes, and the tough stems were used to make ropes. On many of the northern Scottish islands, heather played a major role in the construction of houses.


E. Scotland is an excellent destination for open-air activities all year round. Its lakes and coastline are ideal for boating and rowing and have some of the best sea-kayaking in the world. The rivers are perfect for fishing and the mountains are wonderful for hill climbing and skiing. Scotland is also good for walkers. You can enjoy easy family walks or more difficult mountain hikes.


F. The history of Scotland is rich in armed conflicts. The Scots have always valued physical power and the skills needed for battle and survival. That’s why the Highland Games were very popular. They date back to long before Scotland’s written history. The Games are still held today and include the athletic competitions in their original form as well as dancing contests. Traditional bagpipe music accompanies all the events.



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