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Задания 18-26


It was Friday evening. Liz was looking forward to Saturday because it was her husband’s birthday. She had been preparing for this event for a long time. She had invited ___THEY___ college friends and they were all coming from different cities. The best part was that Carlos, her husband, ___NOT/KNOW___ anything about the arrangements. It was going to be a surprise. Liz ___MAKE___ sandwiches when Carlos came into the kitchen.

“Look, darling,” he said, “I know it’s my birthday tomorrow but I don’t want to do anything special for it.”

Liz thought, “I wish I ___CAN___ cancel the party but I can’t – it’s too late. The party will take place anyway and it will be the ___GOOD___ party ever”.

When Carlos came home on Saturday, there ___BE___ lots of people there. Carlos ___TELL___ them that he felt very happy to see them all and it was true! The guests enjoyed the dinner and then Liz brought in a cake. The cake ___DECORATE___ with chocolates and jellies, and it had as many candles as the number of years Carlos had reached that day. Carlos couldn’t blow them out on the ___ONE___ try and his friends were delighted to help him.




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