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ОГЭ-3153 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Robbie’s dog Roxy was smart. At least Robbie ___THOUGHT___ so. Robbie had found him on a street. The puppy looked cold and unhappy. Robbie took the puppy home and fortunately his mum ___DID_NOT_MIND___ it. One day Robbie saw the ‘Dogs’ contest’ advert. According to it, all dogs that were able to perform tricks could participate.

«I wish Roxy ___KNEW___ some tricks”, Robbie thought. “But Roxy can’t perform any.”

He decided to take Roxy to the contest anyway, not as a participant but as a viewer. There ___WERE___ lots dogs on the contest ground. The collars of some dogs ___WERE_DECORATED___ with medals. The contest started, and the judge threw a ball. Roxy suddenly pulled away from Robbie and began running fast. He was the ___FIRST___ dog to catch the ball and he didn’t forget to bring it back to the judge!

“The winner is the dog with no entry name on my list. Whose dog is this?” asked the judge.

“It’s ___MY___ dog.» said Robbie. The judge handed Robbie a small symbolic medal and a certificate for free dog food.

“Congratulations! You ___HAVE_WON___!” said Robbie to Roxy and gave him a big hug.

“Let’s go home and celebrate. Mum will be surprised when she ___LEARNS___ the news.”



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