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Задания 18-26


Lucky, a big black cat, went missing shortly after our family moved to a new house. He was curious and enjoyed exploring the environment. It often made us worry about ___HE___.

Mum often said “I wish our Lucky ___BE___ less curious. I feel better when he is in the house, safe and lazy.”

As we ___NOT/CAN___ keep him at home, we made him wear a special tag. Our address ___WRITE___ on it in large printed letters.

Mum said: “If one day Lucky gets missing, the tag ___HELP___ us find him”.

Lucky disappeared on the ___THREE___ day after moving house. We looked for the cat everywhere. We asked all our new neighbours about him. We even asked all the ___POLICEMAN___ in our district if they had seen him. But nobody had seen a cat that looked like our Lucky. In the end, we __LOSE___ hope. Two weeks later I was passing by our old house. On the porch there was a cat that looked strikingly like Lucky. And it was Lucky!

I grabbed him and brought him home.

“Mum, look who I ___FIND___!” I cried to mum. “The new owner told me the cat had been waiting for us in our old house. Nobody could inform us about him because the address on the cat’s tag is our old address.”




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