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Задания 18-26


Jane was not an ordinary girl. She was an extremely popular person due to ___SHE___ unusual gift. She was very good at arranging all sorts of ___PARTY___ and events.  In fact, all the scripts and programmes for our school events ___WRITE___ by Jane. We helped her as much as we could but she always did most of the work. Once I asked Jane if she could help me to make a surprise for my mum. Jane ___AGREE___ at once. “I ___HELP___ you, no problem,” she said, “But I need to know some details about your mum.” Jane asked me about what time my mum usually got up and when she went to bed, what food she liked and hated, what her favourite films, colours, and flowers ___BE___. She asked me a lot of questions and I ___NOT/CAN___ answer most of them. I felt uneasy but Jane laughed, “It’s a common thing. Unfortunately, we often do not notice even our own family – our parents, sisters and brothers.  If we ___KNOW___ other people better, we would understand them better.  And we would be much ___KIND___ to them, wouldn’t we?”




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