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Задания 18-26


“What would you like me to bring you from London?” Dad often asked me this question when he was going somewhere on business. He worked a lot and ___NOT/SPEND___ a lot of time with the family. We knew that he loved ___WE___ a lot but he was really a very busy person. And it was his ___THREE___ business trip that month. I thought for a moment and said: “I want a Paddington Bear.”

My dad ___PACK___ his suitcase but he looked up at me at once when he heard that. He was surprised and asked me why I ___WANT___ a Paddington Bear. I didn’t know what to answer.

My dad ___STOP___ packing and sat down beside me. “You know, when I was small,” dad said quietly, “that bear was my favourite fictional character.” I read the book too and I also saw a film about that character.  He was a very polite bear who travelled to London from some exotic country. He ___DISCOVER___ in Paddington Station by the Brown family, who adopted him. The soft toy changed their life and made it much ___GOOD___.

“Ok. I ___BRING___ you the bear if you want”, said Dad. “And we’ll also see the film about him as soon as I come back. Agreed?”

“Sure.” I was delighted with his plan.




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